New Energy - More Power for Electricity

For renewable energies

If the energy revolution is to be deemed successful, a direct-current energy supply is almost unavoidable. Therefore, in power generation systems, being able to safely and reliably utilise high voltage levels in the event of an emergency is essential. Users in the field of renewable energies also benefit from our expertise as a developer and a manufacturer of DC contactors.

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Applications - individualisation of tried and tested energy technology

Climate change and the limited availability of fossil energy sources make changing over to renewable energy sources unavoidable across the globe. As an international positioned company, we utilise our wide range of industrial and marketing experience for regenerative energy solutions to make this transition possible: from mobile and stationary energy storage solutions to charging stations and the DC industry – all the way to photovoltaic and wind power plants.

Contactors for energy storage systems

In the face of the growing share of renewable energies, power systems must become more flexible so that system and supply reliability is maintained. Energy storage systems are one of a plurality of options to increase energy supply flexibility.
They offer the option to eliminate the link between energy generation and consumption on a temporal level, thereby helping to stabilise mains frequency.
DC contactors by Schaltbau separate the battery unit from the inverter in these storage systems in the event of an emergency.

DC technology for the factories of tomorrow

DC technology has many advantages for being able to meet the requirements placed on an intelligent industrial electricity grid. For example, decentralised energy systems, such as photovoltaic and energy stores can be incorporated very easily since these generate direct current in any case. Furthermore, the economisation of energy plays a significant role because losses do not apply in the case of direct current in the case of converting between AC and DC.
C310 bidirectional DC contactors can be used here in the precharging path or as a main contactor.

Switchgears for renewable energy sources and direct current networks

The use of direct current in the case of solar plants and wind turbines, energy stores and charging stations has plenty of advantages in terms of efficiency. However, safe switching under the use of direct current places high requirements on electromagnetic components: They must be able to keep high voltages and electric arcs occurring under the use of DC applications under control and to reliably switch them off. Schaltbau is one of the few direct-current experts worldwide with decades of expertise.
In close cooperation with our customers, we devise solutions for energy conversion, storage and utilisation that are more efficient and environmentally compatible. As a sophisticated customer, you will receive switchgear for the energy revolution, thereby provided a high level of efficiency and reliability for your system.

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