Schaltbau DC contactors ensure safety of energy storage systems

Schaltbau Success Stories

DC is the fastest growing and most challenging technology. Schaltbau is one of the few direct-current experts worldwide with decades of expertise. That is why more and more customers are relying on the DC contactors from Schaltbau.

Customer profile

  • Application: Energy Storage Sytems
  • Industry: Renewable Energy
  • Location: worldwide

Customer case

  • A leading manufacturer of long-term energy storage systems was looking for an alternative to gas encapsulated contactors.
  • The solution used so far led to recurring field failures resulting in system downtime.
  • A more robust contactor was required to improve system availability and total cost of ownership for the customer.

Schaltbau DC contactors ensure safe operation by:

  • being fully bi-directional: Safe disconnection of high powers irrespective of the current direction
  • having high making capacity Icm up to 4,000 amps: Which leads to increased system availability
  • excellent breaking capacity: The contactors retain its full function when disconnecting high currents
  • having low energy consumption and low heating thanks to sophisticated coil saving circuit
  • providing higher safety due to auxiliary contacts: Mirror contact functionality IEC 60947-4-1, Annex F

Moreover, the customer’s total cost of ownership has improved.