DC Microgrids

New standard for green production

DC microgrids: Circular economy for energy

Energy is precious and a key cost factor in industrial manufacturing. Could you afford to let up to 15 percent of it go to waste? Of course not. But it’s exactly what happens when alternate current (AC) from the power grid is converted into direct current (DC) to power machines in a factory. Energy-efficient, decentralized DC networks therefore have an important role to play in the factories of tomorrow. They can incorporate power from renewable energy sources as well as from energy storage systems – since these generate direct current in any case – thus eliminating conversion losses.

Schaltbau is one of the few direct current experts in the world. Today, we put our decades of experience into innovative solutions for the energy revolution. Our products allow for the safe switching under the use of direct current, keeping high voltages under control and reliably switching electric arcs off. Our goal is to pave the way for energy-efficient microgrids in production facilities and commercial buildings that are powered by renewable energy in conjunction with high-performance battery and energy management systems.

And we make the future of green manufacturing a reality today: With our pioneering NExT Factory in Velden, Germany, we produce and use our product range in the world’s first direct-current manufacturing site which is completely electrified and produces CO2-neutrally. As a model solution for customers seeking to improve their financial and ESG balance, the factory shows how a DC microgrid fed by photovoltaic power and coupled with an intelligent energy management and storage system, can save up to 35 percent of annual energy costs.

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