Charging towards decarbonization on water

Marine vessels gather speed towards sustainable shipping

With the International Maritime Organization targeting a cut in the annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 70 percent by 2040, and maritime environmental regulations continuing to tighten, the transition towards sustainable maritime solutions is well underway. Hybrid solutions and electric propulsion are becoming a preferred choice for many vessel types and ferries, especially those operating close to coastal areas and on inland waterways.

Vessel manufacturers who equip electric and hybrid ships and ferries with environmentally friendly propulsion technology, are working with Schaltbau to ensure the reliable operation of the battery-powered drive. As a pioneer in direct current applications, Schaltbau’s fully bi-directional DC contactors have an extremely high electrical performance in handling of making and short circuit currents. Customers also profit from their long service life and low power consumption when switched on.

Together with our customers and partners, we therefore work towards improved energy efficiency onboard, preparing vessels to meet the demand for green and clean operations today and tomorrow.

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