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Driving, not waiting: Easy, safe, and fast re-charging of electric vehicles

Almost a fifth of global CO2 emissions are produced by road vehicles. Electromobility is therefore a core prerequisite for the success of the energy transition and environmental protection. However, most people feel that the range of electric vehicles is still too short. E-mobilists do not want to stand at the charging station for long distances. They want to drive.

To achieve comparable power in electric vehicles as in combustion engines, high direct current (DC) currents are indispensable. Schaltbau helps to unlock the full potential electrification by providing pioneering solutions for EV charging for long journeys and across all vehicle classes. Schaltbau thus contributes to the expansion of a public fast-charging infrastructure with direct current, which enables charging within a few minutes.

Schaltbau contactors for the fast charging of cars, buses, and commercial vehicles with direct current ensure the necessary safety for people, charging infrastructure, and vehicles in the charging points. Featuring the lowest available contact resistance, they avoid power loss and allow the efficient transfer of electrical power. In case of an emergency , they reliably disconnect and therefore ensure galvanic isolation between the vehicle
and charging point.

White Paper Electromobility
Is high power charging the future of charging?
As electric vehicles become more prevalent, the task of charging them presents a growing challenge. A future-proof charging infrastructure is required.
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