Gear limit switches in wind turbines

Gear limit switches using Schaltbau snap-action switches monitor the position of rotor blades and the nacelle (pitch and yaw adjustment).

For a wind turbine to generate the optimum yield, the rotor has to face perpendicular to the wind. Whenever the wind direction changes, the rotor and nacelle are adjusted. If the nacelle rotates in the same direction for an extended period of time, the cable that takes the power from the generator to the tower can become twisted. Gear limit switches with rotary encoders detect the rotation of the nacelle, and can stop movement in any direction if necessary.

The angle of the rotor blades affects the lift, which in turn also influences the energy yield. Here too, gear limit switches support precise adjustment of the rotation angle (pitch adjustment).

What do the snap-action switches do?

Multiple snap-action switches are combined in a cam switch. The switches signal critical positions to the higher-level control system for the pitch and yaw adjustment.

Why are Schaltbau snap-action switches used?
  • Compact and robust design, high shock and vibration resistance
  • Positive opening operation of the break contact
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Temperature range: -40 °C … +85 °C