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Ensuring safe battery solutions

Climate change and the limited availability of fossil energy sources drive the trend towards alternative power units in the automotive industry and beyond. But the requirements for new energy storage systems are high to ensure a powerful and convenient driving experience. Lithium-ion batteries, for example, must be designed to be extremely efficient in terms of charging and discharging capacity to provide the electrical energy for the drive and to ensure short charging times.

The development of new batteries and more and more complex battery management systems requires exhaustive tests and validations especially regarding the safety circuit. Schaltbau’s high-voltage contactors make, carry and break high currents safely and efficiently both during battery charging and discharging at battery test stations.
Our customers rely on our contactors for a variety of applications, including transmission and powertrain test beds, battery simulation and testing as well as engine and electric motor test beds. We deliver high-endurance components that switch under load and simulate short circuits without contacts welding, thus protecting not only the test samples but also the operating personnel and the long-term availability of the test system itself.

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