Safety for a collision- and emission-free transport

Future-proofing intralogistics with Schaltbau DC contactors and connectors

Electrification and automation are part and parcel of everyday operations of modern factories, warehouses and logistics centers. From automated guided vehicles (AGVs) to electric forklifts and battery-powered industrial trucks: Sustainable solutions add to the economic bottom-line and are used where flexibility, zero emissions and noise reduction are a priority.

In terms of safety, the requirements for electric vehicles and AGVs are tough. Especially within a plant or warehouse, people and other vehicles can easily compromise the safety of both personnel, goods and the machinery itself.

With decades of experience under our belt, we supply intelligent intralogistics solutions that enable safe and cost-effective operations. Our contactors reliably disconnect the motor circuit or the charging station from the battery in the event of a fault and enable a quick shutdown in case of an emergency.

In addition, Schaltbau’s high-current charging connectors connect electric industrial trucks, their battery and the charger. Vehicle, battery and charger manufacturers find our connectors perfectly suited for fast-charging lithium-ion batteries with high capacities. Automated guided vehicles and electric pallet trucks also use the charging connectors for a fast energy supply, thereby reducing downtimes and saving costs.

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