Electrification and smart farming: Sustainability from farm to fork

Powering eco-friendly cultivation, growth, and harvest of crops

Tasked with feeding a growing world population, farmers are among those most directly impacted by the consequences of climate change already. At the same time, the agricultural sector accounts for nearly one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. Farmers are looking for ways to cut their energy bill as well as their carbon footprint.

While the electrification of agricultural machinery is still in its infancy, electric yard loaders, vineyard tractors or farm tractors already offer high performance and low maintenance costs in areas where low noise levels or an emission-free operation is desired.

Our highly reliable contactors switch the load circuit on and disconnect it safely, protecting the safety of personnel and machinery alike. Our durable connectors ensure secure connections within harsh settings. They are designed to meet the harsh farming environments including wide temperature ranges, demanding weather conditions and high vibration while reaping the benefits of renewable energies.

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