Safely on track

Switching and controlling under maximum load

As pioneers of electrification, we have been championing the safety on rail for generations. Our engineering roots lie in the electrification of the German railway system, and thus, our experience spans almost a century. Today, we set the market standard for safe and high-quality electromechanical components and electronic switchgear for modern rail transport to ensure sustainable, safe and reliable operations.

Schaltbau products are found in rail vehicles all over the world, ensuring safety and comfort for passengers and goods under tough railway operating conditions: they switch, connect and control electrical systems, and meet all requirements for quality, reliability and service life. Our goal is to support railway operators with sustainable transport solutions which help increase energy efficiency and reliability while minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Our rail solutions successfully serve complex power supply systems, meeting safety requirements for modern door systems as well as applicable UIC standards for railway connectors. In addition, our high-specification control and signaling devices are an integral part of many types of railway vehicles across the globe.

For decades, Schaltbau has enjoyed the trust of the railway industry as a specialized equipment supplier that has realized countless applications for operators and manufacturers.

As part of the Schaltbau Group, SPII serves as the center of competence for human machine interfaces in Italy. Their solutions, implemented globally, guarantee a profound driving experience that prioritizes both safety and satisfaction. SPII is dedicated to advancing the future, actively seeking innovative ideas, and embracing engineering as a transformative journey rooted in technology, ergonomics, and style.

Power Distribution
Sustainable all the way, through controlling data, signal and power
Engineered for efficiency and sustainability, our safe and reliable contactors and connectors provide an optimal solution for rail power distribution and data/signal transmission.
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Master Controllers
Tailored to your needs with complete freedom of design
Built on decades of global product design and development, our state-of-the-art master controllers not only set the industry standard but also prioritize user-friendly design.
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