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As a leading global company helping to electrify the world, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Not only are we enabling companies to unlock the potential of DC power and bring clean energy to industry, we also feel a particular responsibility to develop products that go beyond regulatory requirements to ensure protection of our employees, our communities, and our planet. Guided by environmental, social, and governance priorities, our sustainability efforts are integrated throughout our business and strictly comply with internationally recognized ethical and legal principles.

Leading with purpose

We take pride in our commitment to environmental stewardship. We’ve been diligently reporting our sustainable endeavors from carbon footprint reduction to community engagement, since 2017. What’s more, we’ve participated in the UN Global compact initiative, the world’s largest and most important organization for promoting responsible corporate governance. Based on ten universal principles and its Sustainable Development Goals, the UN Global Compact pursues the vision of an inclusive, sustainable global economy for the benefit of all people, communities, and markets.

Our sustainability strategy involves taking responsibility for our supply chains, respecting human rights, prohibiting child labor, and avoiding conflict materials. It also includes resource-friendly product design, highly efficient, flexible production processes and striving for continuous improvement in other vital ESG key performance indicators. In 2022, for example, we reduced our carbon emissions by around 14% year-on-year to 7,875 tons. The severity of work-related injuries has also decreased significantly. At the same time, with our products and solutions, we want to make a relevant contribution to protecting the environment by supporting the transition towards sustainable transportation powered by green energy.

In light of challenging economic times, particularly when it comes to energy in Europe, the degree of self-sufficiency and its ability to minimize our energy supply risk has taken on a whole new significance.
Our internal sustainable energy concept thus ensures that we can significantly cut our energy costs at this site and thereby reduce our dependence on external energy supplies, making it possible to produce in a climate-neutral manner at competitive prices, even in a comparatively expensive business location like Germany.

Factory of the future
NExT Factory - the world's first DC factory. Read here how the implementation of DC power and a sustainable energy concept enables the NExT Factory to produce carbon-free and with 35% lower energy costs.
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EvoVadis Rating

Our commitment to greater sustainability is also reflected in the EcoVadis Sustainability Rating 2023, in which Schaltbau is among the top 4 percent of companies in the industry rated by EcoVadis. EcoVadis is an independent platform for CSR ratings, on which companies can evaluate and document their standards and actions related to corporate responsibility.

In the current assessment (July 2023), a score of 69/100 points and thus silver status was achieved. The rating confirms that we operate in accordance with international CSR standards.

Supplier Code of Conduct
Protecting what matters most
A commitment to fair and respectful treatment and ethical practices with safe and sustainable business behavior.
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At Schaltbau, we take ethical business practice seriously. Our code of conduct outlines the principles and values that guide our actions, ensuring integrity, transparency, and accountability in everything we do. The rules of procedure provide a framework for fair and responsible decision-making, promoting equity and respect for all stakeholders. Additionally, our declaration of principles reaffirms our commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship, driving positive change within our organization and beyond. We believe that adhering to these standards not only benefits our business but also contributes to a more sustainable and ethical marketplace for all.

Quality Certifications
Focus on quality with common goals and values
More transparency and continuous improvement thanks to comprehensive quality management.
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