DC main contactors for industrial storage systems

The C310 disconnects the battery unit from the inverter

Smart Power is currently implementing a medium-sized battery storage system with a capacity of 1.2 MW in Trostberg. In this project, it is not the primary balancing power that plays the main role (as is so often the case). Instead, it is peak shaving (smoothing load peaks for industrial electricity consumers).
Every industrial enterprise knows the problem only too well: electricity purchase prices are calculated according to a formula that includes the peak loads drawn and the provision of sufficient capacity. These increased provision charges have to be paid for the entire billing period, even though the peak load capacity is not always required. For this reason, a battery storage system for peak shaving is a very attractive investment for energy customers looking to reduce costs. The storage system is also used for primary balancing power, i.e. to compensate for short-term load variations to prevent a power outage.

What does the Schaltbau C310 contactor do?

Schaltbau is supplying C310 series DC contactors for this industrial storage system. Each battery string (comprising 32 modules wired in series) is connected to a battery inverter and can be controlled individually. A Schaltbau contactor is fitted in each battery string inverter unit. It disconnects the battery unit from the system in an emergency.

Why was the C310 chosen?

The C310 series was chosen because it meets the high requirements for breaking capacity and voltage.

  • Making capacity Icm up to 2,500 A
  • Continuous thermal current up to 500 A
  • Rated short-time withstand current Icw up to 3,000 amps (1 s)

This report was produced with the kind assistance of Nina Hanselmann, project manager at Smart Power GmbH, Feldkirchen.