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Connectors must ensure reliable transmission of energy and signals – coping with high voltages, harsh environments and the rough conditions of rail traffic. Connectors from Schaltbau are especially designed to meet theses requirements: Where safety and health of human beings are dependent on technology – as in transportation, mechanical engineering, lighting, food processing, battery charging, mining or offshore operations – the rugged heavy-duty connectors from Schaltbau are first choice.

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LV320/400, LV160/250, LV80/120 - Charging connectorsLV320/400, LV160/250, LV80/120 - Charging connectors

High Power Connectors for faster charging of industrial trucks

Do you have questions about this product?LV320/400, LV160/250, LV80/120 - Charging connectorsConnectors
LV500 - Charging connectorsLV500 - Charging connectors

Charging connectors for 500 A comply with UL 1977 for a higher current-carrying capacity

Do you have questions about this product?LV500 - Charging connectorsConnectors
Multifunctional adapters for LVMultifunctional adapters for LV

Additional modules for charging connectors LV160/250 and LV320/400 series

Do you have questions about this product?Multifunctional adapters for LVConnectors
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