LV80/120, LV160/250, LV320/400, LV500 – charging connectors

High power charging connectors for DC applications

LV500 series Robust charging connectors for safe power transfer up to 500 amps.
Modular design for scalable solutions
between vehicle, battery and charger.
LV320/400 series Robust charging connectors for safe power transfer up to 390 amps.
Modular design for scalable solutions
between vehicle, battery and charger.
LV160/250 series Robust charging connectors for safe power transfer up to 250 amps.
Modular design for scalable solutions
between vehicle, battery and charger.
LV80/120 series Robust charging connectors for safe power transfer up to 160 amps.
Modular design for scalable solutions
between vehicle, battery and charger.

Modern charging connectors with a new optimised main contact system: The solid power contacts can carry high currents with minimal self-heating, have extremely low contact resistance and noticeably reduced contact forces for a significantly longer service life.

Schaltbau devices and charging connectors meet the requirements of EN 1175 and DIN VDE 0623-589 for high current carrying capacity. They enable active energy and battery management that optimises the current flow and increase lifespan of the batteries.

Thanks to their modularity, Schaltbau charging connectors can be individually configured. Additional pilot contacts are available for battery management.
In addition to pilot contacts, adapters are also available to allow air to pass through during the charging process or to fill the battery with demineralised water.


High-quality, solid power contacts for a permanently high current carrying capacity

Schaltbau’s new optimised main contacts ensure a permanently high current-carrying capacity and minimal contact heating. These properties are achieved through very low contact resistances in the mated contact system over the entire service life. Thanks to reduced contact forces in the main contact system, there is less wear during mating and unmating. This extends the service life and also noticeably improves the ergonomics when mating and unmating.

Mechanical safety in rough everyday use

Schaltbau charging connectors have durable, robust housing components and reliably withstand rough everyday use. They also have the following important mechanical properties:

  • Integrated locking against shock and vibration: An easy-to-release locking device is integrated into the charging connector, which ensures functional safety in case of shocks and vibrations.
  • Integrated strain relief: Keeps the mechanical load of the connecting cables away from the electrically conductive contacts. In addition, the plug-in connection is secured against tensile, pressure and torsional stresses.
  • Integrated contact locking: The main contacts are safely aligned and fixed by a locking mechanism in the housing.
Arc prevention when plugging and unplugging the connector

Avoiding an electric arc when plugging in or disconnecting the connector increases safety, protects the main contacts and increases the service life. This goal is achieved by:

  • Last-mate/first-break signal contacts (LMFB): The signal contacts are designed in order to start the charging process after the main contacts are already plugged in and to end it before the main contacts are disconnected. The signal contacts in the control circuit enable timely disconnection and ensure load-free plugging and unplugging.
  • High Voltage Interlock Loop (HVIL): This so-called “power kill” contact, made with two signal contacts, enables timely disconnection in the control circuit and ensures load-free plugging and unplugging.
Modularity, interconnectivity, material properties

The connectors are modular in design and have excellent material properties.

  • Modularity: The low number of individual components and the usability in several series enable an individual and cost-effective realisation of your applications. Unnecessary stock positions are avoided.
  • Interconnectivity: The LV series is intermateable with commercially available charging connectors according to EN 1175 and DIN VDE 0623-589 with a comparable design.
  • High acid resistance: Resistance of the plastics to sulphuric acid according to EN 1175
  • Flammability: All plastics meet the glow wire resistance according to IEC 695-2-1 and the fire protection requirements according to UL 94-V0 and to EN 45545
  • Temperature resistance: The materials used stand for dimensional stability and functionality at
    temperatures from –30 °C up to +130 °C.
1Plug housing with pin/male contacts and optional handle
2Socket housing with socket/female contacts and optional handle
3Handle snap-on or screw mounting on plug and socket housings
4Strain relief reliable hold of the connecting cables
5Mounting holes for mounting in the vehicle or the handle
6Locking slider positions and fixes the main contacts in the housing
7Interlock secure hold of the plug-in connection due to integrated locking device
8Main contacts high quality, solid power contacts
9Pilot contact adapter with 2 contacts for control signals
10Air tube adapter for wet-cell battery systems with electrolyte circulation
112 aux. contacts for control signals
12Coloured coding pins unique coding of common battery voltages and types


  • Sweepers, refuse collection vehicles, cleaning vehicles
  • Golf carts, airport caddies, quads
  • Vehicles for persons with reduced mobility
  • Buses, rail vehicles
  • Forklift trucks, also driverless
  • Automatic guided vehicles (AGV)
    Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)
Chargers and battery systems
  • Mobile and stationary chargers
  • Standard and fast chargers for intermediate charging in multi-shift operations
  • Lithium-ion, dry and wet batteries
  • Battery test stands


LV500 – LV320/400 – LV160/250 – LV80/120 series
Number of contacts2 main contacts
2 pilot contacts or 1 air tube adapter
2 aux. contacts
Current rating main contactsLV500:
 UL: 500 A @ AWG 4/0
 CSA: 300 A @ AWG 4/0
 DIN VDE 0623-589: 450 A @ AWG 4/0
 UL: 440 A @ AWG 4/0
 CSA: 280 A @ AWG 4/0
 DIN VDE 0623-589: 250 A @ 50 mm2
 UL: 250 A @ 50 mm2
 DIN VDE 0623-589: 160 A @ 25 mm2
 UL: 120 A @ 25 mm2
Current rating pilot/aux. contacts20 A @ 2.5 mm2
Rated voltageLV500, LV320/400:
 DIN VDE 0623-589: 150 V
 UL: 150 V
 CSA: 150 V
LV160/250, LV80/120:
 DIN VDE 0623-589: 150 V
 UL: 150 V
Keying to DIN VDE 0623-589Blue: Lithium-ion battery
Red: High-current wet-cell battery
Grey: Wet-cell battery
Green: Dry-cell battery
Yellow: Vehicle plug, universal (compatible with all battery types)
Rated voltages for keying to DIN VDE 0623-58924 / 36 / 48 / 72 / 80 / 96 V
Main contacts, wire gaugeLV500: AWG 4/0
LV320/400: AWG 4/0, 95 / 70 / 50 mm², 35 mm² with reducing bushing
LV160/250: 50 mm², 35 / 25 mm² with reducing bushing
LV80/120: 25 mm², 16 / 10 mm² with reducing bushing
Pilot and aux. contacts, wire gauge2.5 mm²
1.5—1.0—0.5 mm² with reducing bushing
Modular adapterAdapter for 2 pilot contacts or air tube
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP23
Temperature range–30° C ... +130° C
Mechanical endurance>5,000 Mating cycles
Contact terminal typeMain contacts: W-crimping
Pilot and aux. contacts: crimping
Housing materialPBT GF30 (free of PBB and PBDE)
Flammability rating to UL 94-V0
Glow wire resitance IEC 695-2-1
Acid resitance to DIN EN 1175
Handle stylesScrew-on handle / snap-on handle
Handle, colourBlack / red (for emergency cutout)
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