Charging connectors for battery-powered industrial trucks

LV charging connectors ensure safe power transmission up to 500 A (UL) or 420 A (EN).

Electric forklifts are used where zero emissions and noise reduction are a priority. Charging connectors in the LV series ensure safe power transmission up to 500 A (UL 1977). As a result, industrial trucks can recharge their batteries in a short time, and are soon back in service. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and electric pallet trucks also use the charging connectors for a fast energy supply.
This enables cost-effective fleet management for businesses that have large forklift fleets.

What tasks do LV charging connectors perform?

These high-current charging connectors connect the vehicle, its battery, and the charger. In addition to supplying energy, if required they can also be fitted with adapters to top up water or blow in air during the charging process.

Why vehicle, battery and charger manufacturers use our LV connectors:
  • High current performance – the contacts on LV charging connectors are designed to carry high currents (up to 500 A) while staying within temperature limits. This is only possible with perfectly matched components (connector + charging cable) in combination with special forming methods (crimping).
  • Modularity/assembly: for maintenance, individual components or the complete connector are easy to replace. Unlike with other systems, the cables can be reused if they are not damaged – this saves resources and benefits the environment.
  • Depending on the application (lead or lithium-ion battery), specific housing materials can be provided.

Charging connectors for electric industrial trucks