Backbone for fast Ethernet on trains

The UIC-IT connects network cables between train carriages to enable fast data communication via Gigabit Ethernet up to Cat 7.

Data connections in rail vehicles for comfort and security

WLAN access for all passengers. A central service connects to the various mobile phone networks via multiple SIM cards and external antennas. The WLAN access points in all passenger carriages are connected via Gigabit Ethernet.

Digital surveillance cameras in underground (U-Bahn) and suburban (S-Bahn) trains generate a data stream that is likewise transported via Gigabit Ethernet through all the cars to the central processing system.

Automatic passenger counting system modules also require a reliable Ethernet connection throughout the whole train.

Ethernet cable connections between carriages

The backbone for the Gigabit Ethernet service is provided e.g. by Cat 7 cables with four individually screened pairs of wires (twisted pairs) within a common screen. But how can the cables be connected between carriages so that they are protected against extreme temperatures, moisture and electromagnetic interference – the special conditions of rail transport?

Schaltbau has developed a solution to this problem with the UIC-IT connector. One connector can form up to two Cat 7 connections. The plug in the last carriage connects to a dummy receptacle. Various different versions of the UIC-IT connector are available, for example with 16 signal contacts for additional control tasks. Cables are supplied pre-assembled, with mounting plates if required.

What are the features of the UIC-IT?
  • IRS 50558 compliant
  • Fast and reliable data transmission in harsh railway environments
  • EMC: 360° shielding
  • Min. -40 °C to max. +90 °C for all materials used in the connector
  • High contact reliability, resistant to shocks and vibrations for uninterrupted data flow
  • Easy to use, with break-away function (non-destructive separation in accordance with UIC 558)
  • Meets UIC standards