CP – Modular and compact switchgear

1 pole bi-directional high-voltage contactors, disconnectors, changeover switches for DC and AC

CP1130/12 series
1 pole NO contactor for 1200 A thermal current and 3000 V nominal voltage with integreated pre-charging contactor
CP1130/20 series
1 pole NO contactor for 2000 A thermal current and 3000 V nominal voltage
CP3130/12 series
1 pole CO contactor for 1200 A thermal current and 3000 V nominal voltage

With the CP series Schaltbau is introducing once more an innovative concept to the switchgear market. The arc-handling is done exclusively by permanent-magnetic blowout. This patented technology ensures fully bi-directional breaking capability and a more compact design. By reducing dimensions and weight we save you valuable space.
For the first time the universal devices can be configured as NO/NC contactor, disconnector or changeover switch. This enables us to react flexibly to changing customer requirements. The high switching functionality and reliability ensure practical and cost effective operation.
The combination of innovative technology, compact design and high versatility makes the CP power contactors particularly suitable for use in railway and industrial applications. Thanks to its unique modular design, the new product family includes a variety of possible configurations catering to a wide range of applications.


Innovative Design

  • Easily configurable as NO/NC contactor, disconnector or changeover switch
  • DC bi-directional or AC up to 60 Hz max.
  • Exclusively permanent-magnetic blowout – no critical currents and low wear of main contact system thanks to effective arc-handling
  • High making capacity, also as disconnector and changeover switch
  • Low total cost of ownership, modular and compact

Main contact system

  • Conventional thermal current: 600 A/ 1,200 A/ 2,000 A
  • Nominal voltage: 1,5 kV, 3 kV
  • Double-break contacts
  • 1 pole versions

Easy maintenance

  • Toolless inspection of main contact tips
  • Toolless replacement of the arc chamber

Find your ideal switching device and configure it as NO/NC contactor, disconnector or changeover switch



  • Main contactor, optional with pre-charging contactor and high-voltage discharging contact for traction converters and inverters for auxiliary equipment
  • Switchgear for various mobile applications in locomotives and multiple-unit trains
  • Switchgear for various stationary applications photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, cranes, welding systems,mining
  • Switchgear for the configuration of electrical system, e.g. to select from among various energy sources, configure filter for multisystem operations or connect/disconnect DC links


Series for Un 1,500 VCP1115/.. CP2115/.. CP3115/.. ..06 ..12 ..20
Series for Un 3,000 VCP1130/.. CP2130/.. CP3130/.. ..06 ..12 ..20
Type of voltageDC bidirectional, AC
Main contacts, # of, configuration:1x NO or 1x NC or 1x CO
Nominal voltage Un1,500 V / 3,000 V
Rated operating voltage Ue1,800 V / 3,600 V
Rated insulation voltage UNm3,000 V / 4,800 V
Rated imp. withst. voltage UNi15 kV / 25 kV
Pollution degreePD3
Overvoltage categoryOV3
Conventional thermal current Ith..06: 600 A / ..12: 1,200 A / ..20: 2,000 A
Auxiliary contacts1x S870 (a1) + 1x S870 (b0) + 2x S826 or 4x S826 or
high-voltage discharging contact
Coil voltage US24 / 36…48 / 72…110 V DC
Coil tolerance-30 % … +25 % US

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CP – Modular and compact switchgear