S135 – Emergency disconnect switch for industrial trucks

1 and 2 pole emergency disconnect switch (NC) with snap-action switch mechanism for battery voltages of up to 320 V DC. Conventional thermal current up to 160 Ampere.

S135 1 pole emergency disconnect switch for industrial trucks
S135 2 pole emergency disconnect switch for industrial trucks

Emergency stop switches are required for many industrial machines and vehicles (meeting requirements for accident prevention). There are single and double pole versions of S135 Series switches.

Optional is a lockable version complete with cylinder lock. The disconnect switch may be locked when engaged to the OFF position so as to prevent unauthorized use – with key removable only in OFF position.


  • Single and double pole emergency disconnect switch with snap mechanism
  • Magnetic blowout
  • Two definite maintained positions (ON/OFF)
  • Optional lockable version
  • Easy to replace cam switch elements

Stock items

  • S135-M1-00
  • S135-G1-00
  • S135-M2-00
  • S135-G2-00
  • S135-N2-00-P-001


Type of voltageDC
Main contacts, configuration1 x or 2 x NC
Nominal voltage Un300 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui320 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp4 kV
Conv. thermal current Ith160 A
Breaking capacity220 V DC, 630 A, 6 ms with arc chamber (inductive load)
Permissible inrush current720 A at resistive load
Mechanical endurance> 30,000 operating cycles
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP00
Mounting orientationany
Terminalsscrew-type M8 or M10
Permissible tightening torqueM8: 6 Nm max., M10: 10 Nm max.
Temperature range-25 °C ... +50 °C
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