CPP – 1 pole NO or NC contactors for DC or AC

Compact single-pole NO and NC contactors up to 3,600 volts rated insulation voltage. Making current up to 2,000 amps, continuous currents up to 200 amps, short-time currents up to 2,000 amps.

CPP1115/02 1 pole AC and uni-directional DC
NO contactor
Nominal voltage Un 1.500 volts
Thermal current Ith 200 amps
CPP1115/02 1 pole AC and uni-directional DC
NC contactor
Nominal voltage Un 1.500 volts
Thermal current Ith 120 amps

The super-compact DC contactors of the CPP series are the smallest Schaltbau switching devices in the power class up to 200 amps and suitable for nominal voltages up to 1,500 volts. The single-pole switching devices are available as NO or NC contactors.
They are used in main and auxiliary converters of railway vehicles, but also in converters and inverters in the field of renewable energies or, more generally, in industrial environments.


Compact dimensions – high rated insulation voltage UNm up to 3,600 volts

Small dimensions – great performance! All air gaps in the contact area are generously dimensioned. The rated insulation voltage is 3,600 volts for OV2 and 3,000 volts for OV3.
The contactor’s arc chamber is made of plastic. This is efficient and saves weight.

High making capacity Icm of up to 2,000 amps

The CPP can switch on currents of up to 2,000 amps in the make contactor version. In the version as a break contactor, up to 850 amps. High contact forces and optimised silver contacts favour the excellent breaking capacity.

High thermal continuous current Ith of up 200 amps

The CPP series can permanently carry currents of up to 200 amps in the NO contactor version. In the version as a NC contactor, currents of 120 amps can be carried. Connection cross-section: NO contactor 120 mm², NC contactor 35 mm², maximum ambient temperature: 70 °C. The values are achieved through high contact forces.

High short-time withstand current rating Icw of up to 2.000 amps

For 100 milliseconds, the normally open contact can carry a maximum current of 2,000 amps. The short-circuit current carrying capacity of the NC contact is 1,800 amps. This time is sufficient to trigger the short-circuit protection and prevent welding of the main contacts. The short-time current carrying capacity is supported by high contact forces and optimised silver contacts.

Auxiliary contacts with snap-action switches

Two S870 series auxiliary switches are optionally available for extensive diagnostics and switching condition monitoring. The switches have robust silver or gold contacts.

Technische Daten

Type of voltage, main contacts, configuration
Type of voltageDC, uni-directional / AC,f ≤ 60Hz
Main contacts, configurationCPP1115-02: 1 NO
CPP2115-011: NC
Electrical data according to IEC 60077-2
Nominal voltage Un1,500 V
Rated insulation voltage UNm3,000V @ PD3, OV3
3,600V @ PD2, OV2
Rated impulse withstand voltage UNi15 kV
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
PD3 or PD2
OV3 or OV2 (see UNm)
Conv. thermal current IthCPP1115-02: 200 A @ 120 mm2, 70° C
CPP2115-01: 120 A @ 35 mm2, 70° C
Rated operating current IeCPP1115-02: 200 A
CPP2115-01: 120 A
Component categoryB
Breaking capacitysee catalogue
Rated short-circuit making capacity IcmCPP1115-02: 2,000 A @ L/R = 0 ms
CPP2115-01: 850 A @ L/R = 0 ms
Rated short-time withstand current IcwCPP1115-02: 2,000 A @ t < 0.1 s
CPP2115-01: 1,800 A @ t < 0.1 s
Critical current rangeNone
Electrical data according to DIN EN IEC/UL 60947-4-1, GB/T 14048.4
Rated operating voltage Ue1,500 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui1,500 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp8 kV
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
Conv. thermal current IthCPP1115-02: 160 A @ 50 mm², Ta = 70° C
CPP2115-01: 50 A @ 10 mm², Ta = 70° C
Rated short-time withstand current IcwCPP1115-02: 2,000 A
CPP2115-01: 1,800 A
Aux. switches,magnetic drive, general data
Auxiliary switches2x Change over (SPDT)
Snap-action switch S870
Contact material silver or gold
Coil voltage Us24 / 36 / 48 / 60 / 72 / 84 / 96 / 110 V DC
Coil tolerance30 % ... +25 %
Coil suppressionSuppressor diode
Temperature range-40° C ... +70° C
Mounting orientationhorizontal, vertical
Mechanical endurance2,000,000 operations

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