CA – Power contactors for AC applications

Single and triple pole AC contactors (NO). Rated insulation voltage up to 4,800 V, conventional thermal currentup to 800 A, frequency up to 400 hertz.

CA1315/04 Triple pole AC NO contactor. Ui = 2000 V, Ith = 540 A, frequency up to 400 Hz.

With the CA series contactors, Schaltbau provides a switchgear concept for the safe disconnection of inverters.
In the New Energy sector, the CA contactor safely disconnects the central inverter from the mains and reconnects it to the mains when required. However, the switchgear can also switch much higher frequencies than the 50 to 60 Hertz customary in the grid: for example, up to 400 Hertz in the drive system of multiple units. Due to their technical features, compact design, high switching functionality and reliability, CA contactors can be used flexibly and with an eye to the future. The product family includes different versions, matched to a wide range of applications.


Frequencies up to 400 hertz; high short circuit switching capacity
  • 3-pole AC power contactor in the performance class up to 3,000 volts nominal voltage and 800 amps continuous current
  • High short-circuit breaking capacity for frequencies
  • up to 400 Hertz
  • Double-break contacts
  • Compact, rugged design
Tried and tested in railway technology, reliable in all AC applications

The CA works in a wide range of AC applications. For example, it connects the central inverter of a photovoltaic system with the grid or works as a traction contactor in electrical multiple units. The CA complies with the following railway standards:

  • IEC 60077-1: Railway applications – Electric equipment for rolling stock – Part 1: General service conditions and
  • general rules
  • IEC 60077-2: Railway applications – Electric equipment for rolling stock – Part 2: Electrotechnical components – General rules
  • IEC 61373 Railway applications – Rolling stock equipment – Shock and vibration tests
  • IEC 62497-1: Railway applications – Insulation coordination – Part 1: Basic requirements – Clearances and creepage distances for all electrical and electronic equipment
  • EN 50125-1: Railway applications – Environmental conditions for equipment – Part 1: Equipment on board rolling stock
Excellent insulation properties
  • Function insulation of the main electric circuits from one another
  • Basic insulation between main electric circuits and earth (phase to earth in each case)
  • Reinforced insulation between main and control electric circuits
Auxiliary contacts with high-quality snap-action switches

Snap-action switches can report the switch state of the main contacts to the higher-level control system. Different versions are possible, achieved with the switches S870, S970 or S826.

Supporting maintenance
  • Simple visual inspection and replacement of the main contact pieces
  • Simple replacement of the arcing chambers


Power contactors in photovoltaic or wind power systems

The switching devices are used on the AC side in the output circuit of inverters and are capable of disconnecting large loads. The switchgear is thus a cost-effective alternative to circuit breakers for safely disconnecting central inverters from the mains and reconnecting them to the mains.

Traction contactors in electrically operated multiple units

CA contactors are required for reliable disconnection of inverter-fed permanent magnet drive motors (PEM) in the event of a fault, for example in the event of a short circuit in the output circuit of the traction converter. The contactors are particularly suitable for permanently excited drive motors with higher supply voltage frequencies.


3 pole: CA1315/04, CA1330/08
1 pole: CA1115/04, CA1130/08
Type of voltageAC (f ≤ 400 Hz)
Main contacts, configurationCA1315/04, CA1330/08: 3 x NO
CA1115/04, CA1130/08: 1 x NO
Nominal voltage UnCA1315, C1115: 1,500 V
CA1330, CA1130: 3,000 V
Rated operating voltage UeCA1315, C1115: 1,800 V
CA1330, C1130: 3,600 V
Rated insulation voltage UiCA1315, C1115: 2,000 V
CA1330, C1130: 4,800 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage UimpCA1315, C1115: 15 kV
CA1330, C1130: 25 kV
Conv. thermal current IthCA1xxx/04: 350 A, 540 A
CA1xxx/08: 800 A
Rated short-time withstand current IcwUpon request, optimized for switching off 400 Hz
Short-circuit breaking capacityUpon request, optimized for switching off 400 Hz
Rated short-time withstand current IcwUpon request, optimized for switching off 400 Hz
Contact material main contactsAgSnO2
Aux. contact1x  S870 (a1), 1x  S870 (b0), 2x  S826 or 
4x  S826 or
2x  S970 (a1), 2x  S970 (b0) or
1x  S970 (a1), 1x  S970 (b0)
Coil voltage Us24, 36, 48, 72, 110 V
Coil tolerance-30% ... +25% Us
Coil power consumption100 W/75 W and 280 W/27 W resp. cold/warm
IP rating (IEC 60529)IP00
Mechanical endurance> 500.000 operating cycles
Vibration / Shock (IEC 61373)Category 1, Class B
Mounting orientationany
Temperature range-40 °C ... +70 °C
Storage temperature-40 °C ... +85 °C
WeightCA1315/04: 20 kg
CA1130/08: 25 kg
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