White Paper E-Mobility

Is high power charging the future of charging?

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, the task of charging them presents a growing challenge. A future-proof charging infrastructure is required.

But what does the future hold in terms of charging? Is high power charging the end of the development line?

What you can learn from this white paper

The white paper gives a broad overview of the future of high power charging and highlights the following topics, among others:

  • Charging with alternating vs. direct current
  • Requirement for high power charging: CCS compatibility
  • Significant growth of HPC charging stations
  • High power charging challenges the network capacity
  • Buffer storage meets high power charging
  • Megawatt charging for commercial vehicles
  • Opting for battery exchange over high power charging
  • The ultimate achievement – bidirectional charging

These are your key takeaways

In this white paper you will learn, among other things,
  • what is the definition of High Power Charging (HPC).
  • how safe fast charging with direct current works.
  • how a contactor ensures the necessary safety.
  • why buffer storage is relevant for High Power Charging.
  • why bi-directional charging can become a significant trend.
  • and much more.
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