AFS15, AFS818, AFS798, AFS784 – Single pole changeover contactorsAFS819, AFS881 – Latching NO contactors
AFS15, AFS818, AFS798, AFS784 – Single pole changeover contactorsContactorsRequest
AFS819, AFS881 – Latching NO contactorsContactorsRequest
Series AFS15-AFS818-AFS798-AFS784 AFS819-AFS881
Conv. thermal current Ith 80 A, 150 A, 250 A 150 A, 250 A
Contact tips Standard, large, textured Standard, large, textured
Coil options Standard, wrapped Standard, wrapped
Contact configuration SPDT and DPDT (2 x SPDT) SPST-NO
Coil voltage Us 12 V - 120 V 12 V - 120 V
Duty cycle Continuous, intermittent, prolonged Continuous, intermittent, prolonged
Blowouts Optional Optional
Enclosed top cover Optional Optional
Auxiliary switches Optional Optional
Coil suppression Optional Optional
Mounting bracket Optional Optional
Bespoke arrangement Available Available
Coil terminals Spade terminals 6.3 x 0.8 mm Spade terminals 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Load terminals Studs, M8 Studs, M8
Mechanical endurance > 1 million cycles > 1 million cycles
Rating at 25% duty cycle 180 A, 275 A, 475 A 275 A, 475 A
Rating at 50% duty cycle 150 A, 225 A, 360 A 225 A, 360 A
Rating at 100% duty cycle 100 A, 150 A, 250 A 150 A, 250 A
Rated voltage no blowouts 48 V max. 48 V max.
Rated voltage with blowouts 96 V max. 96 V max.
Maximum pull-in voltage, intermittently rated coils 60% nominal voltage 60% nominal voltage
Maximum pull-in voltage, continuously rated coils 66% nominal voltage 66% nominal voltage
Typical drop-out voltage 15% nominal voltage 15% nominal voltage
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