AFS819, AFS881 – Single pole latching NO contactors

Current rating 150, 250 A, coil voltage 12 - 120 V, nominal voltage 48 V, optional: coil suppression, blowouts, aux. switch

AFS819 Single pole latching NO contactor (SPST-NO), thermal current 150 A
AFS881 Single pole latching NO contactor (SPST-NO), thermal current 250 A

Battery contactors for industrial trucks

AFS Series contactors are designed for use with electric vehicles in material handling. They are mainly used as motor contactors and much demanded as replacement and new contactors for most leading brands of trucks.

The latching DC NO contactors do not consume any energy to maintain a closed-circuit position for a long period of time, which makes them ideally suited for deep discharge protection of batteries. In addition to that, they allow for saving a lot of energy compared with other common commercial NO contactors.

Series overview

Ith Contact configuration Series
150 A SPST-NO latching option AFS819
250 A SPST-NO latching option AFS881


Conv. thermal current Ith150 A, 250 A
Contact tipsStandard, large, textured
Coil optionsStandard, wrapped
Contact configurationSPST-NO
Coil voltage Us12 V - 120 V
Duty cycleContinuous, intermittent, prolonged
Enclosed top coverOptional
Auxiliary switchesOptional
Coil suppressionOptional
Mounting bracketOptional
Bespoke arrangementAvailable
Coil terminalsSpade terminals 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Load terminalsStuds, M8
Mechanical endurance> 1 million cycles
Rating at 25% duty cycle275 A, 475 A
Rating at 50% duty cycle225 A, 360 A
Rating at 100% duty cycle150 A, 250 A
Rated voltage no blowouts48 V max.
Rated voltage with blowouts96 V max.
Maximum pull-in voltage, intermittently rated coils60% nominal voltage
Maximum pull-in voltage, continuously rated coils66% nominal voltage
Typical drop-out voltage15% nominal voltage
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