ZL181 ... ZL214 – WC, fire alarm or first aid indicators for rail vehicles

Standard indicators with anodised aluminium frame, highly visible LED illumination and available for different supply voltages

ZL181 series
WC indicator for “Occupied"

Schaltbau control panel assemblies can be found in all types of passenger coaches at home and abroad. During the years specific customer requirements caused Schaltbau to develop its comprehensive range of control panel assemblies.

The modular, custom-made design offers great variety in assembling the individual panels, indicators, controls and sensors.

The main focus is on the state of the WC indicators for “Occupied”, “Not working” or “Unusable”. In addition to that, there are fire alarm lights and first aid indicators.


  • Excellent visibility of LED display
  • Long design life of LED array
  • Panel available with anodised aluminium frame
  • Available with different supply voltages
  • WC indicators: Use not dependent on WC system

Stock items

Series Indicator Description
ZL181 “WC Occupied” with silver-grey frame
ZL181b “WC Occupied” without frame
ZL181c Yellow backlit display fire alarm light with frame
ZL184 “WC Not working” with silver-grey frame
ZL187 “WC Unusable” with silver-grey frame
ZL205 “WC Occupied” displayed green or red (switchable)
ZL214 + first aid indicator with frame

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