Master controller

Master controllers and brake controllers for rail vehicles

Master Controller SP60 Series
Master Controller CTA7000 Series
Master Controller EMU250 Series
Master Controller R46 Series
Master Controller S335 D22 Series
Master Controller S335 D21 Series
Master Controller S334 H37 Series
Master Controller S334 H34 Series
Master Controller S334 C303 R Series
Master Controller S334 H33 Series
Master Controller S334 C51 Series
Master Controller S332 M2 Series
Master Controller S334 C50 Series
Master Controller S333 D

Schaltbau master controllers operate worldwide in urban transportation and main-line rail vehicles, providing maximum safety, reliability and long life.

The master controllers are made to customer requirements but offer complete freedom of designing and arranging the individual operating controls, latching elements and switching elements. The handle position can be communicated to the train control unit with a digital or analog signal depending on system requirements.


  • Ergonomic design options
  • Modular design
  • Functional reliability ensured by high resistance to shock and vibration
  • High quality standard ensured by product testing and improvements
  • Control switches, master and brake controllers manufactured to the
    customer’s specifications
  • Other applications, e.g. crane construction and shipbuilding

Worldwide acceptance in urban transport and main-line rail service

Country Project / Customer Master controller
Australia United Group / UGR S333 D34A
       ” Queensland / EDI S333 H1
       ” Railcorp / Knorr Bremse S335 D22
Brasil Metro Sao Paolo / Bombardier S334 C37
China Chongqing Monorail / Hitachi S332 MA
Germany, Austria ET / Bombardier S334 C
England Tram Flexity 2 / Bombardier S334 C51
      ” Westcoast Mainline UK / Knorr Bremse S335 C
      ” Freightliner UK / GE S333 D24
France Y9000 / Socofer S334 C70
Greece Metro Athens / Rotern S333 F22
India Mumbai / Siemens S334 H32 C
Japan Niigata Japan / Niigata S333 I
Canada Metro Toronto / Knorr Bremse S334 H33
Korea Metro Seoul / Rotern S333 F32
Mexico Mexico / Mitsubishi S333 F20
Poland Tram Poland / Pesa S334 C36
      ” Newag/Medcom / EMU IMPULS S334 C306R
Turkey DMU / Rotern S332 M1
USA Motive Power / Motive Power S333 D
    ” NYC / Knorr Bremse, WABCO S333 D50
    ” Phoenix / Elin S334 C50
    ” Seattle / Elin S335 D21
    ” WMATA 7000 / Kawasaki MC-6040 (S335 D23)
    ” Los Angeles P3010 / KINKISHARYO MC-0278 (S335 D24)
    ” MBTA / Motive Power MC-6027 (S335 D25)

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