Limit switches for wind turbine brake systems

S870 microswitches monitor the status of brakes in the wind turbine at the Neumayer 3 polar research station.

Wind turbines have to withstand extreme temperatures and high humidity, plus they are usually unmanned. In the wind turbine at the Neumayer 3 station, S870 series snap-action switches are used on the rotor brakes.

What do the snap-action switches do?

The S870 microswitches support brake limit position detection. As soon as the brake engages, the limit switches are actuated. This signals to the controller to shut down the systems and trigger other actions.

Why was the S870 chosen?
  • Compact and robust design, high shock and vibration resistance
  • Positive opening operation of the break contact
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Protection class up to IP67 with leads
  • Temperature range: -40 °C … +85 °C