Battery contactor for jump starters

C100 battery contactors switch starting currents of 1,500 A.

Especially in winter, X-TRA POWER jump starters provide professional starting assistance for cars and commercial vehicles. Two or more batteries deliver a starting current of 1,500 amps for 12 or 24-volt electrical systems, for example.

Schaltbau specially modified its C100 DC battery contactor for this switching capacity. The main focus was the high current carrying capacity of around 1,500 A. At these high currents, a conventional contactor would always open momentarily (in the ns/ms range), producing arcs – with a risk of the contacts welding.

To be able to carry currents up to 1,500 amps, the contact bridge and drive in the C100/120 were modified for this application.

Why was the C100 chosen?
  • DC NO contactor
  • Current carrying capacity up to 1,500 amps with reinforced contact bridge