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Subsidiary of Schaltbau GmbH Group


For over 40 years, SPII has served as a reliable and prestigious distributor and selling partner of snap-action switches, connectors and contactors for Schaltbau GmbH in Italy.
At an international level, SPII worked already globally with some of the world’s best-known traffic technology manufacturers.
The acquisition of SPII is strengthening the position of the Schaltbau Group in the fields of Components and Rolling Stock.
Close collaboration between SPII and Schaltbau GmbH entities is adding a number of major systems and components to the existing Railway Control Devices product group, thus reinforcing the company’s market position substantially.

SPII: Global Center of Competence for Control Device Solutions

As a leader in the design and development of integrated driver desks, control panels and components for trains, subways and trams, SPII provides products and services for all the major manufacturers of rolling stock all over the world.

Complete Drivers Desk

SPII offers a complete design and development of “Plug and Play” driver desks:

  • preliminary ergonomic studies;
  • mechanical, electrical and mechanical definition of the interfaces;
  • complete driver desk design including resin shells, metallic structure, pneumatic and electric plant and electro-mechanic and/ or mechatronic devices;
  • full integration of all the components to be installed inside the desk (i.e. brake system devices, signaling equipment);
  • full testing of the complete driver desk with ATE (Automatic Test Equipment);

New Driver Desk concept, INTELLIDesk is integrating functionalities of RIOMs, reiteration boards and TCMS Displays, which at the moment are covered by independent systems.

Adjustable Footrest

Designed with a high level of reliability, our footrest integrates the “dead man function” plus some additional features for metro applications.

It is made of robust metal structure (aluminum, steel or stainless steel) to support the constraint of the heavy duty operations and can be customized to meet any customer’s technical specification.

Master Controller & Panels

With 40 years long tradition around the world, SPII offers a complete range of master controllers focusing on:

  • developing engineering capacities to fulfill specific requirements
  • understanding of the complete system approach (driver desks)
  • innovative solutions (mechatronic concept)

Powerful PC display for TCMS and Signaling applications

We offer taylor-made solutions according international standards.

Custom Solutions

Our local engineering team has many years of experience with Schaltbau products and can help you choose the right item for your application:

After Sales Service

We respond effectively to the needs of the rolling stock manufacturers, by providing efficient engineering support for the upgrading of existing rolling stock with customized solutions without overlooking cost factors and environmental considerations. Past projects have included the upgrading of electromechanical and electronic components and subsystems with innovative functional and construction technologies, as well as the complete modernization of railway vehicles.


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