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„Connect – Contact – Control“

Schaltbau GmbH develops and manufactures reliable, durable electromechanical components and customer-specific solutions for railways and industry.
The company was founded in Munich in 1929. Core functions such as sales & marketing, R&D, competence centre, HR and administration are located at the Munich site. In addition, the company has two production sites in Bavaria, at Aldersbach in the Passau district, and at Velden in the Landshut district.

The individual components of Schaltbau products are manufactured at Aldersbach. Almost all of Schaltbau’s products are assembled at Velden, and other tasks such as logistics, quality assurance, fault analysis & testing, service & repair, and industrial engineering are carried out there.

Schaltbau GmbH: Global Competence Center for Electromechanical Components

Decades of experience in engineering and production

Schaltbau is a brand name for connectors, snap-action switches, contactors, electrics for rolling stock and complete drivers cab equipment that fully conform to the highest safety standards. Thus you will find worldwide in all branches of industry, in which electrical systems have to be connected, switched and controlled reliably under harsh ambient conditions, electromechanical components and customer specific solutions from Schaltbau.

Connectors - We provide reliable connections

Schaltbau connectors are characterized by: long life and rugged design, up to 10,000 mating cycles, tightness up to IP69K, high material and temperature
resistance as well as resistance to shock and vibration.
This makes them ideally suited to be used for years of continuous operation and under harsh environmental conditions.

Contactors - We control electric arcs reliably

Schaltbau contactors meet the special requirements of railway engineering, because they are equally suitable for AC and DC networks and capable of coping with widely varying supply voltages. You can find them mounted in the switchgear cabinets of traction and auxiliaries inverters, as used for controlling heating, ventilation and air conditioning of the compartments.
Typical industrial applications are stationary battery storage systems of PV installations and wind turbines as well as backup systems of base stations, but also inverters of large drives.

Snap-action switches - We guarantee double safety

Featuring double-break contacts and positive opening operation, snap-action switches from Schaltbau have proven for 40 years to be the ideal components for failsafe systems. Both a high breaking capacity and a design life of up to 10 million operating cycles provide solid reasons to make Schaltbau switches the components of choice for ensuring the functional safety of machines and systems.

Control devices - We have everything under control

Schaltbau develops and manufactures complete driver cabs as well as various components and systems for applications in passenger coaches, locomotives, EMUs, DMUS, special vehicles and bus drive systems, that meet all requirements for quality, reliability, safety and service life.
With our specific know-how and technical capacity, we are the ideal source of pioneering, economical concepts.

Our subsidiary in Italy, SPII S.p.A., is the global competence center for control devices.

Service - We ensure smooth operation

Thanks to our specialised knowledge for components and systems in the driver’s compartment, Schaltbau has a complete competence for the consultation, planning and execution of technical maintenance, repairs and revisions.
In cooperation with you, we develop customised solutions that can be integrated into existing vehicles and operator concepts, with the clear objective to meet your requirement for technical availability and thereby ensure a smooth service.

Production know how

As a component supplier, we offer a very large range of products. This versatility is also found in our production and logistics processes. We produce snap-action switches that are barely thumb-sized, to high-voltage contactors weighing 35 kg. The high quality of our production processes ensures the outstanding durability of our products.

Highly flexible conveyor assembly systems at the Velden site enable production in high volumes or down to batch sizes as small as 1. This means we can meet all kinds of customer requirements for delivery performance. In addition, our proprietary automation solutions complement the assembly systems to create smart work systems. This ensures high productivity and consistent quality of manufacturing processes.

For a mid-sized company, our value chain has a very high level of vertical integration. At the Aldersbach site, we have plastic injection moulding and various machining and sheet metal forming systems, as well as our own toolmaking processes. This enables us to respond very flexibly to customer requirements, and means our employees have a broad base of technical knowledge.


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