Training as a Process Mechanic

Location: Aldersbach

What does a Process Mechanic do?

  • Planning the production of moulded parts based on order data or special customer requirements
  • Selection of suitable processing methods as well as auxiliary materials and auxiliary tools
  • Coordination of processing parameters, setting up production machinery and monitoring the entire production process
  • Maintaining and cleaning tools, machinery and devices and putting them into operation
  • Quality assurance

What is required of you?

A good high school leaving certificate or_ Mittlere Reife_ are an important foundation for your vocational training. In addition, team spirit, a willingness to learn, reliability and good technical and manual skills are essential requirements for successful training.

How is the training period structured?

The vocational training period of 3 years is split into various different learning areas to optimise the college-based and company-based learning content.

Key elements of training:

  • Structure and organisation of the company providing the training
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Environmental protection
  • Maintaining production equipment
  • Reading, applying and producing technical documentation, data protection
  • Planning and controlling work and motion sequences, checking and assessing results
  • Processing metallic materials and semi-finished plastics
  • Distinguishing and allocating plastics and auxiliary materials
  • Joining and forming
  • Appropriate allocation and preparation of moulding materials or semi-finished products and preparation for process implementation
  • Building and testing pneumatic and hydraulic circuits
  • Instrumentation and control
  • Maintenance of tools, machinery and equipment
  • Quality assurance and quality management
  • Setting up machinery, equipment and systems
  • Production planning, production control, production monitoring
  • Safeguarding manufacturing facilities
  • Handling and processing procedures for polymer materials