Enabling society to unlock the full potential of electrification for a more sustainable future

The transition to a climate-neutral economy and a sustainable society is undoubtedly one of the most significant challenges of our time. DC technology plays a crucial role in this transformation, as it brings with it new requirements for controlling, switching, and securing electricity.

Building on our expertise in direct current applications in the rail industry, we strive to become the global leader for DC technology in electrified industries of all kinds. With our sub-brand Eddicy, we’re committed to providing forward-looking, reliable solutions.

Leading the transition to renewable energy for a climate-neutral economy
Our DC technology plays a crucial role for the electrification of industry and optimization of energy efficiency in all areas, including energy storage, EV charging, DC microgrids, battery test benches and more.
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The future of mobility is electric
Whether it’s automotive, compact commercial vehicles,robust machinery, or something in between, our e-mobility solutions safeguard the environment, human safety, and machinery alike.
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Powering Possibility

Eddicy sets new standards in the direct connection of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and electrical consumers. That is why we focus on applications in charging infrastructure, energy storage and high-voltage measurement technology as well as solutions for intralogistics, mining and agricultural machinery in the areas of new energy and industry. In electromobility, we focus on applications for electrified passenger cars and commercial vehicles such as buses.