AFS11, AFS711, AFS177, AFS717, AFS817, AFS797 – 2 and 4 pole motor reversing contactorsC130 – Combination contactors for battery voltages
AFS11, AFS711, AFS177, AFS717, AFS817, AFS797 – 2 and 4 pole motor reversing contactorsContactorsRequest
C130 – Combination contactors for battery voltagesContactorsRequest
Series AFS11-AFS711-AFS177-AFS717-AFS817-AFS797 C130/180 – C130/250
Conv. thermal current Ith 80 A, 150 A, 250 A C130/180: 180 A, C130/250: 250 A
Contact tips Standard, large, textured
Coil options Standard, wrapped
Contact configuration DPDT and 4PST-NO
Coil voltage Us 12 V - 120 V 24, 48 V DC
Duty cycle Continuous, intermittent, prolonged
Blowouts Optional
Enclosed top cover Optional
Auxiliary switches Optional
Coil suppression Optional
Mounting bracket Optional
Bespoke arrangement Available
Coil terminals Spade terminals 6.3 x 0.8 mm
Load terminals Studs, M8
Mechanical endurance > 1 million cycles > 3 million operating cycles
Rating at 25% duty cycle 180 A, 275 A, 475 A
Rating at 50% duty cycle 150 A, 225 A, 360 A
Rating at 100% duty cycle 100 A, 150 A, 250 A
Rated voltage no blowouts 48 V max.
Rated voltage with blowouts 96 V max.
Maximum pull-in voltage, intermittently rated coils 60% nominal voltage
Maximum pull-in voltage, continuously rated coils 66% nominal voltage
Typical drop-out voltage 15% nominal voltage
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