R400 – High-voltage relays for test benches

Rated insulation voltagebis up to 1,500 V. Continuous currents up to 25 A. Short-time currents up to 200 A.

R411-25-24I series 1-pole DC bidirectional relay,
Contact system SPST-CO

The compact high-voltage relay R400 has been specially developed for use in test systems. Used there, the relays are required for testing electrical safety. The switching devices isolate all non-active components during the high-voltage and insulation test procedure. As part of the protective conductor test, they switch currents up to a maximum of 25 amps to the test object.
Another area of application for the small switching device is its use as a precharging relay. This is because the relay is particularly advantageous in smaller traction applications or applications with traction batteries when only low precharging currents need to be switched.

Особенности конструкции

  • Bi-directional high-voltage relay: for effortless load disconnection regardless of polarity.
  • Contact bridge with solid contacts: for uniform contacting, consistently low contact resistance and permanently low power dissipation.
  • Modularity: 1 and 2 pole versions. Contact system configurable as normally open or changeover contact.
  • Coil drive: with efficient electronic coil control for low pull-in and holding power.
  • Easy mounting: DIN rail mounting according to industry standard. Connections for contact system and coil drive with flat tab terminals.

Technische Daten

Type of voltage, main contacts, configuration
Type of voltageDC bi-directional
Main contacts, configurationR411: SPST-NO, 1 pole
R412: SPST-NO, 2 pole
R431: SPST-CO, 1 pole
R432: SPST-CO, 2 pole
Electrical data according to IEC 60077-2
Nominal voltage Un1,500 V
Rated operating voltage Ue1,500 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui1,500 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp10 kV
Pollution degree
Overvoltage category
Conv. thermal current Ith25 A @ 4 mm² min.
Higher currents on request
Rated short-time withstand current Icw200 A @ t = 20 ms
Magnetic drive
Coil24 V DC @ 0 ... 40° C
Coil tolerance–10 ... +10 % Us,
Preliminary data
Coil suppressionElectronic coil controller, PWM module
General data
Vibration / Shock (IEC 61373)Category 1 / class B,
In preparation
Mechanical endurance3.000.000 operating cycles
Mounting orientationhorizontal, vertical
(do not mount upside down)
Temperature range0° C ... +40° C
Weight1 pole: 260 g
2 pole: 350 g

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