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Modern driver's desks for modern rail transport


Welcome to the future –
Welcome IntelliArm!

Technology must serve people, must be functional, but also attractive. Technology must help people to solve tasks better, easier and safer. Therefore, the goal from the beginning was to transform a «User-centred design» into a «Human-centred design».

With regard to the driver‘s cab, the human being, in this case the train driver, was placed at the centre. Then, step by step, all the functions that the driver needs for his daily work were placed ergonomically and naturally around him. In combination with the best available technology for today‘s most modern trains, we have developed the driver‘s desk of the future from scratch. The result: a new, innovative and minimalist «Human Machine Interface» – the lntelliArm.

Особенности конструкции

  • Easy to get The driver in focus: the right combination, the perfect ergonomics, the best technology, that means integration and implementation of different HMI interfaces into a unique, custom-fit shape.
  • Easy to plug Compact and modular, lntelliArm can be easily installed even after the driver’s cab has been completed and offers full accessibility for maintenance and servicing.
  • Easy to play From the beginning, the main user is at the centre of the design of IntelliArm. This is ergonomic, increases his attention and improves safety.
  • Easy to have Thanks to the small space requirement and the vertical structure, all internal components can be reached easily and without difficulty. This increases availability.

IntelliParts – Designed around the Driver, for the Driver

Технические характеристики (только на английском языке)

CPU ARM / Intel
SIL level Basic Safety Level / SIL2
Connection Ethernet / Serial / MVB / Canbus
Brightness 500 cd/m2 to 1500 cd/m2
LCD Size 7” up to 21”
Touch Resistive or Capacitive
Operating system Resistive or Capacitive
Number Singel 1x / dual 2x
Power Consuption (Per Unit) 24 W
Master Controller
Wired signals Up to 10
Deadman Capacitive sensor / No
Smart interlock Yes / no
Thumb selection with light feedback Yes / no
Haptic Panel
Number of Inputs Up to 10
Light Feedback Yes / no
Arm Rest
USB: number of / voltage / current 2x / 5 V DC / 5 A max.
Wireless: number of/ power 1x / 20 W
Seat Regulation
Height Regulation 100 mm
Seat Preset 12
Footrest (optional)
Height Regulation Defined with the customer
Seat Preset 12
Electrical Interface
Power Supply 24-110 V DC / 24-110 V AC
Data Interface 2x Ethernet 10/100 Protocol
General data
Degree of Protection Master controller up to IP54
Display up to IP65
Haptic up to IP40
Temperature range Operating temperature –25…+70°C
Storage temperature –40…+85°C
Altitude up to 1800 Asl
Humidity up to 95% relative
Weight Single 108 kg / dual 166 kg

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