Manual disconnector MD500

1 and 2 pole modular, manual disconnectors up to 500 amps

MD521-500-15-U2 1 pole modular, manual disconnectors up to 500 amps

With the MD500 series, Schaltbau supplies a new developed manually operated disconnector specifically for the use of high-performance high-voltage battery packs for traction applications in rail vehicles.
This technology is increasingly being used in battery and hydrogen-powered vehicles, but also in rail vehicles with storage-hybrid drive systems. In the application, the disconnector can conduct currents of up to 500 amps – thanks to the new, patented contact system without noticeable power loss. In the event of a fault, the switch’s robust contact system is dimensioned for carrying very high short-circuit currents of up to 30,000 amps for a short time. Thus, after the damage event or in case of maintenance, the battery can be disconnected from the circuit without load.

Особенности конструкции

Ergonomic hand knob

Manual actuator with integrated safety catch for secure locking of the operating position; Two positions:
ON = operating position, OFF = disconnected position

Patented contact system

An extremely low contact resistance in the contact system (< 100 µΩ) and a very high rated short-time withstand current (30,000 A @ 100 ms) for years of continuous operation. 1- and 2*-pole versions available.

* In planning


The positions on the right, top, left of the main contacts can be freely configured in relation to each other in 90° steps.

Mechanical locking

In the disconnected position by means of an optional padlock against unintentional reconnection

2 auxiliary switches

S870 snap-action switch with silver or gold contacts as well as positive opening for diagnosis and switching status monitoring.

Технические характеристики (только на английском языке)

Electrical data of main circuit
Type of voltageDC, AC (f ≥ 60 Hz)
Nominal voltage Un1,500 V
Rated operating voltage Ue1,800 V
Rated insulation voltage UNm1,800 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage UNi8 kV
Pollution degreePD2
Overvoltage categoryOV2
Conv. thermal current Ith250 A / 500 A
Component categoryB-C1
Rated short-time withstand voltage Icw30 kA @ T < 100 ms
ActuatorManually operated,
Integrated safety catch for locking in operating position;
Mechanical locking option in disconnected position
Auxiliary contacts
Number, configuration2x max. snap-action switches S870, SPDT
General data
Vibration, ShockCategory 1, class B
Mechanical endurance5,000 operating cycles
Mounting orientationhorizontal, vertical
Temperature range–40° C ... +70° C
Weightapprox. 1.1 kg

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