CO4 series

High-voltage changeover unit for rail vehicles

High-voltage changeover unit CO4 series

High-voltage changeover units of the CO4 series are switching devices for load-free configuration of electrical loads. The new 6-position devices are now more powerful – the cam switchgear configures faster and the switching chambers can carry higher currents. Changeover devices are needed for voltage configuration for railway vehicles in cross-border traffic with changing supply voltages. Here, the changeover unit is the link between the train busbar and the electrical consumers, e.g. power supply systems and heating registers.

Особенности конструкции

Wide power range

UIC voltages up to 3,600 volts, with reinforced insulation 5,000 volts; continuous thermal currents up to 100 amps. Load-free adaptation of electrical configurations to
different train busbar systems according to UIC 550.

6 switching positions

6 control inputs for 6 pre-configured
positions, controlled via a motor-operated cam controller.


Cam switchgear with 2 to 10 switching chambers* including ready-to-use connection configuration; customerspecific defined switching programmes as well as many switching programmes of European railway operators available.

  • others upon request

Tested to railway standard EN 60077-1,EN 60077-2,
UIC 550 as well as EN 50124-1 and EN 50163.

Technische Daten

Switching gear
Number of switching chambers2-4-6-8-10, others upon request
Control6 control inputs, 6 pre-configured positions
DriveCam gear, electric motor
Contact system per switching chamber
Type of voltageDC, AC (f ≥ 60 Hz)
Nominal voltage Un3.,000 V
Rated operating voltage Ue3,600 V @ PD3, OV3
5,000 V @ PD2, OV2
Rated insulation voltage UNm3,600 V @ PD3, OV3
5,000 V @ PD2, OV2
Rated impulse withstand voltage UNi25 kV
Pollution degreePD2, PD3
Overvoltage categoryOV2, OV3
Conv. thermal current Ith100 A @ 70° C
Control voltage US24 ... 110 V DC
Control voltage tolerance0.7 ... 1.25 x Us
Power dissipation20 W during changeover operation, otherwise none
General data
Vibration, ShockCategory 1, class B
Mechanical endurance125,000 operating cycles
Mounting orientationhorizontal, vertical (do not mount upside down)
Temperature range–40° C ... +85° C
Weightapprox. 9.5 kg, device with 10 switching chambers

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