Modular DC contactors with bidirectional switching up to 500 A

Press release

Munich, 15 February 2018: Renewable energy generation and electromobility are creating new requirements for electromechanical components. One such requirement is to switch higher DC currents. Schaltbau is presenting a new series of DC contactors for applications of this kind.
At the Hanover trade fair, Schaltbau is presenting new DC contactors for the growing market of direct current applications. With the C310 series, the company offers a reliable alternative to gas-filled devices, which have been commonly used up to now. The first types in the new series are designed for permanent currents of 150 A, 300 A and 500 A. Schaltbau offers an innovative solution, based on their experience and expertise in developing electromechanical switchgear and controlling DC arcs. The modular concept allows one arc chamber to be used for 60 V, 1,000 V or 1,500 V on the same basic unit. These chambers work on a permanent-magnetic basis, ensuring compact dimensions and a low weight. The arc chambers can be removed without tools, to allow inspection of the contact system. As the coil current is regulated, these devices always work equally reliably regardless of the ambient temperature. In addition, this means that the monostable type has low energy consumption in the switched-on state. The bistable version is designed to have zero power draw in both end positions. Contactors in the C310 series have a high making and breaking capacity as well as a high short-term current rating.

The new DC contactors are highly resilient to shock and vibration stresses, and meet the stringent requirements of ISO 12405 (automotive) and IEC 61373 (railway applications). Since both current directions are reliably controlled, the contactors are ideal for all applications with energy recovery.
A typical example of this would be energy storage systems, where batteries are charged and then discharged again. Other application fields for the C310 series are regenerative systems, battery-powered vehicles, DC charging stations and photovoltaic installations.
At the Hanover trade fair, alongside the new DC contactors, Schaltbau will also exhibit its comprehensive range of connectors and snap-action switches.

The Company

“Connect – Contact – Control” is the motto under which Schaltbau GmbH develops and manufactures electromechanical components for transpor­tation technology, energy, industry and material handling. Founded in 1929, the company has ten locations of its own and more than 60 sales partners worldwide. The Schaltbau range of products includes connectors, snap-action switches and contactors as well as electrics for rolling stock. The Schaltbau GmbH quality management system is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and its ecological management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14001. The German plants Velden and Aldersbach have been quality-certified in accordance with IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) since October 2008.


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Press release - DC contactors with bidirectional switching up to 500 A