Best Business Award for Schaltbau GmbH

Mr. Dirk Konrad, CFO & COO and Dr. Ing. Michael Ettl, Director Operations, received the award for sustainable corporate management.

Schaltbau GmbH was awarded the Best Business Award for sustainable corporate management on November 5th 2019. Every year, the award honors companies from the Danube-Moldova European region, who have made a special contribution to sustainability.

The basis for our sustainable success is fairness in the workplace and the promotion of enthusiastic and innovative minds. Regardless of seniority, Schaltbau GmbH has the highest standards for executives, who together with their employees identify opportunities and actually use them. Our leadership team is characterized by a mix of young and old as well as academics and practitioners. The use of modern shop floor management in production and logistics promotes fast decision-making and communication at eye level across all hierarchical levels, from the management to the machine operator.

We have developed our own competences and capacities to drive process and technology innovations entirely under our own direction and with our own resources. Our lean management and advanced production technology team always keeps an eye on the performance of the entire value chain and develops intelligent digitization and automation solutions together with the fellow employees. This enables us to ensure high employee and customer satisfaction.

Schaltbau GmbH won third place in the category of over 100 employees and thus received the Best Business Award in bronze.

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Best Business Award for Schaltbau GmbH