Unveiling the Power of Direct Current

Electrifying economy and society

Demand for energy is growing across many countries in the world as digitization and automation increase and populations grow and become more affluent. Rising energy consumption, however, makes the challenge of transitioning away from fossil fuels towards low-carbon energy sources even more difficult. To mitigate climate change and to successfully add more renewable energy into the mix, our energy supply needs to become more flexible, more efficient, and more stable all at the same time.

With Eddicy, we are establishing new market standards for the direct connection of renewable energy sources, energy storage systems and electrical consumers without the energy losses that occur when direct current (DC) is converted into alternate current (AC) and vice versa. Our pioneering direct-current technologies reliably switch, protect and secure high-voltage in the event of an emergency or during maintenance.

Our solutions for the new energy improve the efficiency of renewable energies and contribute to the stabilization of the grid frequency by decoupling generation and consumption over time. By optimizing grid utilization, we help our customers minimize energy losses and thus create greater supply and price independence for them.

Energy applications, markets and customer requirements are evolving rapidly. That is why we work collaboratively with partners to develop custom-made products for photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, charging stations, energy storage systems and industrial direct current grids. Together, we create the energy solutions of tomorrow that are more efficient and environmentally compatible.

EV Charging
For tomorrow’s mobility solutions
Schaltbau enables fast charging of electric vehicles everywhere and for all vehicle types, promotes electrification and the expansion of DC fast charging infrastructure.
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Power Conversion
Safe and reliable power conversion based on your needs
The use of direct current from solar systems in energy storage offers efficiency advantages, but requires robust components for safe switching under load.
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Energy Storage
Safety of energy storage systems
Schaltbau contactors ensure safe disconnection of the battery unit from the inverter.
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DC Microgrids
Setting a new standard for green production
Energy-efficient, decentralized direct current networks are important for future factories. They use electricity directly from renewable sources and minimize conversion losses.
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Test Benches
Ensuring safety in battery solutions
The development of complex batteries and battery management systems requires intensive safety testing and validation.
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Data Center
Security for your data
Schaltbau contactors ensure a reliable power supply with a high level of security in data centers.
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