The future of mobility is electric

Control of high voltages in e‑vehicles

Electromobility holds one of the keys to successfully mitigate climate change and air pollution. The shift towards alternative, fossil-free propulsion technology is accelerating across all areas of transport, be it private passenger travel, public transport or electric commercial fleets.

Nevertheless, factors such as range, convenience, charging speed and operational safety play an important role in the acceptance of electromobility. Our solutions contribute to making electric vehicles safer, faster to load and on par with the performance level of combustion engines – therefore paving the way towards greater acceptance of e-vehicles in everyday life.

As a specialist for direct current (DC) applications, we have been developing high-quality electromechanical components for almost a century. Since most automotive applications use direct current, i.e. the automotive battery provides power for engine starting, lighting, the ignition system, the infotainment and air-conditioning system among others, our expertise in direct-current switching and control makes us the perfect partner for designing the future of e-mobility.

DC contactors by Schaltbau play an important role in the safety circuit because they disconnect the batteries in the event of a fault or an accident, thus establishing galvanic isolation between the battery and the rest of the vehicle’s electrical system. Our solutions increase safety and reliability in a wide variety of applications, from battery charging systems to the battery disconnect unit (BDU) as well as in the drive train of vehicles or battery test stations.

At Schaltbau, our sales engineers work closely with our developers and designers to provide the right electromobility solution, from e-cars and e-busses to light commercial e-vehicles. With our innovative solutions, we aim to improve safety, reliability and performance across all vehicle classes to make the transport of people, goods and freight more environmentally friendly.

DC solutions for the mobility of tomorrow
The automotive sector, crucial in combating climate change, is transitioning to electric and fossil-free engines, promising reduced emissions and noise for a better future.
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Specialty Vehicles
Tailored electromechanical solutions for special electric vehicles
With decades of experience in DC applications, we aim to create optimal, robust, tailor-made solutions for your needs.
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Heavy Duty Equipment
Electrifying heavy duty equipment
The integration of e-mobility into heavy duty equipment signals a significant shift towards sustainability and efficiency in industries reliant on robust machinery.
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Commercial Vehicles
Transforming commercial transportation for tomorrow
Advancements in battery tech and charging infrastructure drive demand for commercial electric vehicles, cutting carbon footprint and operating costs.
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Safe intralogistics with Schaltbau DC contactors and connectors
With decades of experience, we provide intelligent intralogistics solutions for safe, cost-effective operations.
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