S880 – Subminiature switch with positive opening operation

The Schaltbau S880 Series subminiature switch is recommended wherever reliable switching functions need to be implemented within a limited installation space. The V4 switch with positive opening operation has the same features as the large snap-action switches, but is only 6 mm wide. However, while these were for the most part developed for special applications, the S880 is designed for the mass production of devices and machines in which safety functions need to be implemented.

Features and technology

The technical principles of Schaltbau’s snap-action switches in designs A and F were transferred to the dimensions of a subminiature switch:

S880 = V4 snap-action switch with positive opening operation

  • Snap mechanism with high shock and vibration resistance
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • Long mechanical working life
  • Designed with ingress protection ratings IP40, IP60 and IP67
  • Can be used in various applications due to additional actuator

Applications of the subminiature switch

The S880 can be used wherever switching needs to be performed safely within a small space. Its low price makes it ideal for mass-produced applications in which cost pressure is a major factor.

A selection of applications:

  • Safety and limit switches in compact devices for medical technology
  • Operating tables
  • Machine, system and process control systems with limited installation space
  • Belt off-track switches
  • Universal joint shafts
  • Safety locking systems, safety hinges
  • Electrically driven doors, gates and awnings
  • Compact operating devices with joystick function
  • Hand-held chainsaws and other hand-operated, motorised tools

Product details:

V4 snap-action switch S880 V4 snap-action switch S880

The smallest microswitch in the world with positive opening and self-cleaning contacts.

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Subminiature switch with positive opening operation