Snap-action switch S947 – Microswitch with PEI housing for extreme conditions

Changeover contact with self-cleaning double contacts, galvanic isolation and positive opening, protection class up to IP67

S947 W2A2 a
Snap-action switch S947 with pushbutton and screw connections

The snap-action switch S947 is a version with an identical design to the S847 snap-action switch with a polyetherimide (PEI) housing. The dimensions, the switch mechanism and the electrical properties of both switches are identical.
Compared with the polycarbonate of the S847, PEI is considerably more resistant to extreme temperatures, aggressive chemicals and shocks. This microswitch is therefore recommended for safety applications under extreme ambient conditions.


Robust against extreme temperatures, chemicals and shocks
Thanks to its polyetherimide (PEI) housing, this microswitch is robust against:
  • Extreme temperatures
  • Aggressive chemicals, and
  • Heavy impact forces (50% more shock-resistant than polycarbonate).
Break contacts with positive opening

If the break contacts fuse in the event of a short circuit, the catch spring can no longer open. It is nevertheless opened reliably via the lever of the positive opening. This is a positive opening as outlined in DIN EN 60947-5-1, annex K.

Changeover contact with two galvanically isolated contact bridges.

Microswitches with two galvanically isolated contact bridges which are both attached in the plunger and are guided by it. When the snap-action switch is actuated, the bottom bridge opens the bottom contact pair (connections 1 and 2) and the top bridge closes the top contact pair (connections 3 and 4).

Self-cleaning double contacts

In every switching process, the contact bridges rub in a defined fashion on the V-shaped fixed contacts and remove corrosion and combustion residue. Permanently low contact resistances ensure a high level of contact reliability throughout the service life.

Protection class up to IP67 (contact area and connections)

Contact area IP40 Connections IP00 // Screws M3, flat screw 6.3 × 0.8

Contact area IP60 Connections IP00 // Screws M3, flat screw 6.3 × 0.8

Contact area IP67 Connections IP00 // Screws M3, flat screw 6.3 × 0.8

Contact area IP67 Connections IP67 // Stranded wire, lateral, length 500 mm

Reliable switching of low currents

With self-cleaning silver contacts, small currents can be connected reliably and frequently. In chemically aggressive environments and with low switching frequencies, we recommend gold contacts.


Electrical Data
Contact configurationSPDT-DB (Form Zb) snap-action switch with double-break contacts, 4 terminals, positive opening operation, wiping action, and 2 galvanically isolated contact bridges
Conv. thermal current Ith EN6094710 A at T = 85°C
Conv. thermal current Ith UL50810 A at T = 85°C
Rated insulation voltage Ui EN60947400 V
Rated insulation voltage Ui UL508300 V
Pollution degree IEC 60947PD 3
Pollution degree UL508PD 3
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp4 kV
Utilization category IEC 60947AC-15, 230 VAC/1.5 A / DC-13, 110 VDC/1.0 A
Utilization category UL508240 V AC/1.5 A / DC 120 VDC/1.0 A (General Purpose)
IP rating: contacts/terminalsIP40/IP00, IP60/00, IP67/00
Contact materialSilver or gold-plated silver
Short-circuit protection10 A gL
Actuators, operating positions
ActuatorPush button, roller lever
Free position8.85 ±0.15 (push button)
Operating position6.60 ±0.25 (push button)
Release position8.00 ±0.25 (push button)
Total positive opening travel4.20 (push button)
Total travel position< 3.90 (push button)
Movement differential (between operating and release position)1.4 (typical, push button)
Mechanical data
Front mountyes, front mounting by nut retainers M3
Ganging (side mount)yes, side mount
Vibration resistance30 g max. (10 … 500 Hz all directions, without aux. actuator at 0.1 ms max. opening time)
Shock resistance50 g max., half sinus (without aux. actuator at 0.1 ms max. opening time)
Housing materialPEI, amber transparent
Mechanical endurance10 million cycles min.
Temperature range-55 °C ... +85 °C
NoteData valid for new switches with silver contacts

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