High-voltage equipment

Switchgear for power supply

To handle UIC voltages safely and reliably is the trademark of Schaltbau switchgear such as AC vacuum circuit breakers, disconnecting and earthing devices as well as sensors and controlgear.
Changeover units, for instance, are needed in international mainline service for reconfguring the control circuits of the auxiliaries with the change of catenary voltage after crossing the border. For this purpose Schaltbau has added rotary scissor switches to its product range of controlgear. The two, three and four position changeover switches have an open modular design and are easy to confgure and customize.

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Device type
ZH842 – Solid-state high-voltage signalling relayZH842 – Solid-state high-voltage signalling relay

Identification of UIC 550 compliant voltages, meets insulation requirements for 3 kV DC, potential-free switching output

Do you have questions about this product?ZH842 – Solid-state high-voltage signalling relayRailway-high-voltage equipment
TCMB - Switch for DC applicationsTCMB - Switch for DC applications

Multiple switching positions, auxiliary contacts, door locker, lockable, specific marking

Do you have questions about this product?TCMB - Switch for DC applicationsRailway-high-voltage equipment
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