TSAL – Motorically resettable emergency brake handle for rail vehicles

Robust metal housing, device with remotely controlled reset

TSALM series
Emergency brake handle for rail vehicles with motor reset

The TSALM motorised emergency handle family enables the passenger to switch an emergency signal, which can be used to trigger an emergency stop, warn the train driver of danger, etc.

Its basic functionality makes it easy to integrate in any project, retaining the reliability of the emergency signal triggering and reset function.


  • High-quality switching elements
  • Positive opening operation
  • Self-cleaning contacts
  • High shock and vibration resistance
  • Guaranteed years of uninterrupted operation


  • Rail vehicles in local and long-distance traffic
  • Escalators and passenger conveyors


TSALM motorised emergency handle
Mechanical endurance> 1,000 operations
Ingress protection rating, IEC 60529(up to) IPx67
Vibration resistance (IEC 61373, IEC 60068)-
Shock resitance (IEC 61373, IEC 60068)-
Housing materialOn request
Actuating forceOn request
Remote Reset (RR) voltage24 to 250 V
RR power consumption (Pulse)96 W
Ambient temperature range Tu-40° C ... +70° C
Switching elementS826 or S870
Contact arrangementNO + NC
Contact materialSilver (Ag90Ni10)
Gold (AuNi3Ag26)
Conv. thermal current Ithat Tu = 85°C:
10 A (S826), 3 A (S870)
Rated insulation voltage Ui250 V

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