Toggle switches

Rail vehicles in good hands – with toggle switches from Schaltbau

Schaltbau toggle switches assemblies are suitable for the rough operating environment. Sturdy construction and a long design life make them especially useful for railway applications in mainline and commuter rail service.


Handle styles

The following lever types are available: standard handle, special handle (SH), ball handle (SK), ball handle yellow (SKy), T-handle (SW), cylinder handle, short (SHL), cylinder handle long, short (SHM)

Switching function
Many switching combinations are possible for all 3- and 5- position contact assemblies. The centre position marks the middle position. Starting from the centre position there are:
  • for the 3- position contact assemblies one maintained or momentary switching function up and down
  • for the 5-position contact assemblies two maintained or momentary switching functions up and down
Switching elements
Schaltbau snap-action switches or Schaltbau cam switching elements are used as switching elements:
  • K series: 8 snap-action switches S880 max.
  • F series: 2 snap-action switches S800, S826 or S870 max.
  • P series: 4 snap-action switches S800, or S826 max.
  • L series: 4 cam switching elements S005, S007 or S008 max.