SE Series

Earthing switches for electric multiple units

Earthing switch SE 1.5 M 2.2 K2 Series

Modular earthing switch for mounting in switchgear cabinets. The device is designed in accordance to the UIC safety regulations for EMUs. It can only be operated by authorized personnel with a special key. Variants for all UIC voltages (1kV 16 ⅔ Hz, 1.5kV 50 Hz, 1.5kV DC, 3kV DC) can be supplied.

Function: Load-free disconnection and earthing of electric circuits in locomotives, EMUs, carriages and train lines as well as intermediate, input and output circuits of IGBT inverters.


  • Manually operated
  • High short-circuit current strength
  • Lockable operating and earthing position, safeguarded
    with special locks
  • Indication of operating position
  • Mirror contacts with positive opening operation (aux. switches for mechanical indication of operating and earthing position)
  • Front plate fitted with additional test jacks for load testing before device is operated (optional)
  • Mechanical locking of switchgear cabinet door (optional)

Ordering code

SE 1.5M 2.2 K2

By selecting this option you finish the configuration.



Votage range1 kV 16 ⅔ Hz1.5 kV 50 Hz
1.5 kV DC 3 kV DC
Short-circuit current30 kA     sinus half wave 16 ⅔ Hz
15 kA     1 sec sinus:
Earthing contacts2
Aux. contacts S8264 x NO and 4 x NC
Lockable with keylock switchin earthing position
in operating position
Ingress protection ratingIP20
Temperature range-25 °C .... +70 °C
StandardsEN 60077-1, EN 60077-2, EN 50124

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SE - Earthing switches for electric multiple units