Fusible Links ZH037 Exxx

Fusible links ZH037 Exxx

ZH037 Exxx fusible links are for use with the short series ZH437 K-KG overtemperature protection devices and the series ZH037 K, ZH037 K VA, ZH437 K‑HK and ZH437 K‑K tripping devices.

Dimension diagram

Ordering code Trip temperature Colour code
ZH037 E090 90 °C black
ZH037 E103 103 °C blue
ZH037 E130 130 °C green
ZH037 E150 150 °C red
ZH037 E175 175 °C grey
ZH037 E200 200 °C yellow
ZH037 E236 236 °C white

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ZH037 Exxx – Fusible links