S126 – Keylock switches

1 or 2 pole series with cam switch elements, rated insulation voltage 400 V, conv. thermal current 25 / 60 A

Keylock Switches

By default, S126 Series keylock switches come with cam-operated switching elements of Series S007 A featuring a current rating of 25 A.
Alternatively, the keylock switch is also available with a continuous current capacity of 60 A when fitted with the optional cam-operated switching element S007 C and S008 P6 respectively.

Contrary to snap-action switches, cam-operated switching elements are
designed for higher current ratings (up to 60 A). In addition to that, S008 P6 Series switching elements have permanent-magnetic blowout to increase the maximum breaking capacity of the switch in DC applications.

The locking cylinder functions both as actuator and interlock. There is a fixed detent position for ON and OFF with key pull only in the OFF positon (when contacts are open). The switches are activated by a key that is turned in a circle.

Our keylock switches are fitted with a standard locking cylinder and keyway system. However, the cylinder is also available with two alternative keyway systems.


  • Electrical interlocking switches for protection against unauthorised use
  • Rotary cylinder lock version:
    ON and OFF settings slightly engaged
  • Single or double pole versions available
  • For the double pole versions the two contacts are always the same type
  • Suitable for switching purposes in control circuits

Stock items

S126 1-10
S126 1-11
S126 1-12
S126 2-10
S126 2-10/P6


Keylock switches S126 series
Conv. thermal current Ith25 A
Rated insulation voltage Ui400 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp4 kV
Switching elementS007 A
Ingress protection rating, IEC 60529IP00
Terminal typeThread M5
Weight250 g
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