ZH449 Series



Our radiators are used where in addition to the air conditioning system of a rail vehicle further convection heaters become necessary as, for instance, in vestibules, corridors, sanitary facilities, and driver‘s cabs of multiple unit trains. They are also applied in rolling stock for commuter service where there is no central heating and air conditioning system.

L Stock items
890 ZH449-1000-800-L0890
1260 ZH449-1000-1000-L1260
1650 ZH449-1000-1000-L1650
1440 ZH449-1000-1250-L1440
1650 ZH449-1000-1250-L1650

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Example: ZH449-1000-800-L0890
Series: ZH449
Nominal voltage: 1000 V
Nominal load: 800 W
Length: 890 mm
Finish: Chrome nickel steel (INOX)

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