IA108 Series

Tubular elements for air heaters, straight

Tubular heaters straight

Schaltbau tubular elements are designed for use in electric convection heaters and heaters in ventilation and air conditioning systems of rail vehicles. When connected in series the nominal voltage over all serial elements is 3 kV. They are used as heaters in air conditioning systems of European rail vehicles – also in cross-border traffic.

Type A tags

L Stock items
1180 IA108-125-1000-L1180-B
548 IA108-400-200-L0548-B
505 IA108-500-200-L0505-C
710 IA108-500-200-L0710-B
945 IA108-500-200-L0945-C
1080 IA108-500-250-L1080-B
1260 IA108-500-250-L1260-B
1470 IA108-500-250-L1470-B
1260 IA108-500-375-L1260-B
1470 IA108-500-375-L1470-B
1115 IA108-500-1000-L1115-A
548 IA108-600-200-L0548-B

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